Debt Options Calculator

Our  Debt Options Calculator will immediately show the monthly payments required to fully settle all unsecured debts under different alternatives.  Obtain relief from excessive debt!  See how much you would pay each month for five years and under different assumptions.

After playing with our calculator, contact us to better understand your particular situation and alternatives.

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The DebtsGO calculator shows your monthly payment to fully settle your unsecured debts under your different alternatives. See how much you would pay each month for five years and under different assumptions.

Assumptions, based on unsecured debt of

Pay in FullYou repay these debts in full with an interest rate of 18%.
Per month, over 5 years
Debt ConsolidationYou obtain a consolidation loan at 12%
Per month, over 5 years
Credit CounsellingAll creditors agree to stop charging all interest.
Per month, over 5 years
Consumer ProposalThe majority of your creditors agree to your consumer proposal through DebtsGO to receive only 25% of what they are owed.
Per month, over 5 years

The most inexpensive way to repay excessive debt can be through a consumer proposal. The actual amount you would need to pay each month depends on several factors. Smaller debt levels generally require minimum payments of $100 monthly for a maximum of five years. For help today Contact us, Ken Rowan & Associates Inc., Licensed Insolvency Trustee.


After you use our debt options calculator, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need debt relief.  Most of our work is consumer proposals.

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