Consumer Proposals to Creditors

Our Consumer Proposals

Start today with one of our affordable payment plans to get out of debt:

  • a legal stay of proceedings – creditors stop bothering you
  • an affordable monthly payment plan
  • obtain a credit card almost immediately
  • experience a remarkable turnaround from financial woe to complete financial control

If you have too much debt and need help, we can develop a plan to consolidate your debts and give you debt relief:

  • NO interest
  • budgeting help
  • affordable plans include our fees and costs
  • NO hidden costs
  • NO third party fees or costs

You can gain control of your debts by paying back less than you owe without interest.  Your payments will be for five years or less.

All your debts are included in consumer proposals, including credit card debts, lines of credit, payroll loans, taxes, and collection agents.  We will give you advice on, but cannot settle, secured debts such as a mortgage or a car loan.

How Much Does a Consumer Proposal Cost?

A consumer proposal will cost you less than paying high interest rate debts and will cost you less than a consolidation loan which requires you to pay interest. We developed a calculator to show you this.  Try our Debt Options Calculator, although the total amount you need to offer to pay depends on:

  • how much a bankruptcy would cost you;
  • if you have been bankrupt before;
  • assets you have, which we explain in our FAQ section;
  • who your creditors are; and
  • the total amount of your debt.

Let Us Build a Plan For You

We are different.  A consumer proposal can be made through only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee – a professional credit and debt advisor under Canada’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.  That’s us.  We are not a broker that charges you a crazy fee to pass you off to another advisor.  Bankruptcy brokers  are all over the web because they cannot hang up a respectable shingle.  Avoid them!

We care about you.  You may not be sleeping well.  Collection agents might be calling you at work.  You may be going through a family breakup or other personal issues.  Perhaps your salary is being garnisheed.  You deserve a break – we will listen to you, we will guide you, we will counsel you, and we will inform you of the resources available to you.

We are creative.  Consumer proposals must meet the minimum standards described in Form 47 of Canada’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. We will advise your creditors of the advantages of your consumer proposal, encouraging creditors to accept your consumer proposal.  We go to bat for you – we will intervene where necessary and we will defend you, our consumer proposals, and our reports.

What is the Best Consumer Proposal Available to You?

Provide us some information about your income, expenses, debts, and assets.  We will discuss your goals, desires, and expected future income so we can create a consumer proposal manageable for you; a consumer proposal that will allow you to save money and give you the opportunity of paying it off early.

Our consumer proposals have a very high probability of success. See some examples of our consumer proposals.

The majority of our consumer proposals are successful because they follow simple logic:

  • Duration:

Offer to make monthly payments for at least three years, perhaps four, and possibly five.  This shorter term can be a major advantage over going it alone and paying off interest-bearing debt for a long time

  • Benefits:

Your creditors must receive a better financial recovery than if you were instead bankrupt.  We do this calculation for you – it can be surprising how little you must pay.

  • Fees:

No hidden costs – our fees are including in your affordable monthly payments.

  • Payments:

Together we will prepare your budget so that your monthly payments will be manageable.

  • Cash Flow:

Your budget should show that your expenses are reasonable.  There should not be a surplus.

Help is here

Ken has created thousands of consumer proposals.  We can create one for you too.

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