Bankruptcy Discharge Services

You need your discharge

People go bankrupt to get rid of their debts and, with certain exceptions, they are released from those debts when they are discharged. Everyone that goes bankrupt wants to be discharged and receive this release – that’s what bankruptcy is all about.

Maybe you need help to get your discharge

Maybe this is your situation – possibly you went bankrupt with another Trustee and you just didn’t get your discharge.  Maybe you didn’t complete some of your obligations, or perhaps you went through some depressing times.  You still need to be discharged and you likely need guidance.

If you are not discharged, you are free game

If you never got your discharge from bankruptcy and your trustee has wound up your file, your creditors can once again pursue you for payment and you are right back to the beginning.   Your credit rating probably shows you are still bankrupt, collection agents may be calling you, and just maybe you should get it finalized because one day you just might come into some money.

Don’t be afraid

We can guide you through this.

For you to obtain your discharge, there must be another Court hearing.  That means that whatever outstanding matters exist, they must be addressed and probably in an affidavit so the Court is properly informed.  A Court date must be established, notices must be issued, and someone must attend in Court.  And all of this requires proper paperwork, notices, and timing.

The best party to make the Court application for your discharge is your Trustee.  Perhaps your Trustee is unwilling, requires payment, or has already shredded your files.  Alternatively, you can retain a lawyer to act on your behalf to seek your discharge.  This can be very expensive and can exceed the very cost you expected to pay by going bankrupt in the first place.

We can help you

We are here to help.  We cannot give you legal advice nor can we attend in Court on your behalf, but we can guide you.  Contact us if you need help.

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