How to apply for a consumer proposal

Follow our checklist to apply for a consumer proposal.

When you decide to make a consumer proposal we need specific information regarding your household income and expenses, your assets and your debts, and further matters. Some of this must be evidenced with documents you can provide.

Please provide this information to us by phone, email, fax, or delivery. In those situations where we need to see documents (EG, ID, paystubs) you can also email us an image of the document.

Information needed

Please provide the following information:

  • complete this sheet regarding your contact information and household circumstances.
  • complete this application
  • some ID, preferably a BC Drivers’ Licence.
  • recent paystub, preferably showing year-to-date earnings, required for you and all other working members of your household.
  • for all automobiles and trailers, ICBC registration papers.
  • for RESPs, RRSPs, tax-free savings accounts, and bank accounts: a statement showing a recent balance.
  • if possible, the Notice of Assessment of your most recent income tax return.
  • a statement for each creditor showing the amount you owe, the account number, and to whom that bill is addressed – is there a co-borrower?.
  • if you have a motor vehicle on a payment plan, please provide the payout.
  • if you own real property, provide the PID number, a rough description of the property, your estimate of value, and a statement showing any amounts owing for mortgage, property taxes, and strata.
  • other pertinent papers such as Court filings, demand letters, collection agent information, separation agreements, etc.


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