We believe in Charity

We believe in Charity, like her sister, mercy.  We make an annual donation to our chosen charity, we take on some files where the likelihood of getting paid is low, we are quick to recommend additional resources available to you, and our Firm has made donations at Christmas to those in special need.

In our work we are open-minded regarding your assets and, if you are in bankruptcy, your requirement to pay surplus income .  You may have an unusual situation such as family living overseas, medical conditions requiring special dietary requirements, a vehicle customized to meet your handicap conditions.  There is a spectrum of possibilities as to how these conditions – these assets and expenses – can be treated in bankruptcy situations.  We are fair.



In 2008 as part of a family vacation Ken wanted to see up close the mountain gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the southwest corner of Uganda.  We were lucky – the day was sunny, our trek was not long, and we hired a porter to carry our water.  And, we weren’t sick.  You can’t go and see the gorillas if you are ill, the guides won’t let you.  You need a tracking permit to find the gorillas and we had purchased ours before we left.

Definitely seeing a huge, muscle-bound, silverback gorilla and his family, including a baby gorilla playfully swinging from a vine, was the highlight of our trip.  But it also brought an awareness of the difficult life experienced by many people in this part of Uganda.

This area is home to the Batwa Pygmies and we were able to visit them and dance with them at a music performance they arranged.  It was fun.  They are colourful dressers and they’re really short!

The greatest threats in this part of the world are traffic accidents and malaria.  I was happy not to be driving. Believe it or not, drivers actually pass the car in front of them even when there is traffic in the oncoming lane.  Oncoming traffic is expected to veer to their right, onto the shoulder, by the rules of the road.

In the evening, during and after dinner, get covered up.  There are many mosquitos.  We had mosquito nets all around our beds.  Mosquitos can give you malaria so you need to take malaria medication before you go on your trip to make sure it works at all.  There is no vaccine.  Over 600,000 people die from malaria every year and most are children.

Our chosen charity

The hospital in Bwindi is Bwindi Community Hospital .  This facility began under a tree in 2003!  It started as a way to hep the Batwa Pygmies and has grown to a full blown hospital through the donations of many and the dedication of few.  Every year since 2008 we have donated to the hospital US $10 for every new client we obtain.  As you can imagine, thanks to you we have donated thousands of dollars to this great cause – because we are fortunate and we want to give back.

Charity comes in many disguises.

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