Thank you

To all of you who recognize the value of the services we delivered to you over our many years of our practice and speak out about them in social media or by referring others to us, we graciously thank you.  You motivate us to keep doing good work.

To those professionals in the insolvency field that write papers, deliver presentations on insolvency topics, or volunteer to help our profession, we recognize you are the backbone of our profession and we thank you.  You keep us informed and front and centre in the public eye.

To all other Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) that provide first rate, professional, debt management services, we thank you.  It allows us to hold our heads high.  Unfortunately, and thanks to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, we hear of some LITs delivering a less than stellar performance.   

To Ian Henman and Rafiqul Islam, you have helped us in our quest to expound the benefits of debt management and to be the best and the most informative source of information to financially distressed persons.  Thank you for your guidance and patience in developing this site.  We are very grateful to you.

And to the thousands of clients Ken Rowan has served who shared their good fortunes, tragedies, frustrations, and relief, thank you.  You constantly remind us of the duty we have to relieve the financially distressed through our initial meetings, counselling sessions, and our communications by sympathizing with your misfortunes, soothing your unhappiness, and bringing peace to you.

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