Some things we just don’t do.

We don’t give legal advice

That’s for lawyers.  If you need legal advice, ask your lawyer or seek out legal counsel at the website of the Law Society of BC at Regarding debt, we believe legal advice is especially important if you are involved with guarantees, you have been involved with preferential payments or transfers of assets to others, you are involved in a separation, are subject to legal proceedings, or have another potential or real conflict.

We don’t lend money

If you need money, consider your income, your assets, and the debts you already have. Then, if you believe you warrant a loan, ask your bank, and perhaps your friends and family.

We don’t issue credit cards

You can easily obtain a prepaid card from many financial institutions although that’s not credit.  Secured credit cards are most readily available from Capital One online at and from Home Trust Visa at These issuers sometimes require a cash security deposit be placed with them to ensure they do not suffer a loss.


We avoid acting for businesses or individuals have been involved in what we consider to be immoral conduct.

We do not give advice on how to defraud or cheat others, including creditors.

We do not give or proceed with cookie-cutter approaches.  We believe every client has their specific needs which we reasonably try to satisfy by informing you, and we believe no file is a “slam-dunk”.

We will not waste your money or your time.  We will not overbill.  We have reasonable rates and we believe your time is just as important to you as ours is to us.

We will not sell you something we believe is wrong for you.  We recognize you have alternatives to deal with your financial problems and we will inform you of all reasonable options and choices.

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