Your choices about how you want to deal with debt are first and foremost. 

It’s our job to ensure you are completely informed about your alternatives.

We inform

You might just want to chat about better budgeting of your income and expenses, or about the finer points of more complicated restructuring involving us as a debt professional whether that be bankruptcy or proposals to creditors.  And in between this spectrum of options there are more.

You are unique

Technical guides abound on the web and explain how the practice of debt management works.  Everyone’s options are the same but the circumstances of each person are unique.  This makes the practice of us helping you deal with your deal to be especially intriguing.  We all have fears, joys and desires.  What are your wishes?

Getting control of your debts gives you freedom from fears, creates more joy, and gives you options.

What are your fears?  Being unable to meet your monthly expenses?  Phone calls from collection agents?  Garnishment of your wages?  Lingering debts including taxes and student loans?  We deal with these to give you a fresh start.

You choose

We inform.  You choose.  Don’t delay the gratification that dealing with excessive debt provides. Contact us for help now.

Call us at 604-531-4186 or email Ken   We have offices in Downtown Vancouver, Metrotown Burnaby and Surrey White Rock.

You choose how you want to proceed.